For those that have read both these series, I need help. Which series should I start over the summer?? I’m leaning toward Divergent, but I don’t know….Help! 

  1. thefaultinourdivergentminds answered: Divergent
  2. bitchfacesassyandtheangel answered: They’re both brilliant but Mortal instruments is happening now and Divergent’s fandom is just waiting for a while so Mortal instruments. :)
  3. dhampirkid answered: Maybe TMI since the movie is coming out in August. Divergent only has two books as of now the third one comes out in October.
  4. bebravecamila answered: I love TMI, but Divergent is better.
  5. worlldincatastrophe answered: Divergent
  6. apeacefulcandor answered: divergent
  7. claryfraylife answered: Start with Divergent, since there are only two books out now. THEN definitely move on to the longer (&somewhat better) Mortal Instruments.
  8. until-youbreak answered: divergent c:
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  10. smoake answered: divergent! I’m almost finishing it and its really good!
  11. secondofinfinite answered: THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS
  12. mangotastic answered: Oh, wow. This is horrible, both are fantastic. Actually, I would say Divergent because it
  13. foxxyknowledgeseeker answered: Divergent. Hands down. Don’t wait.
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